From the lively excitement of passionate chefs crafting their culinary art in an open kitchen to families sharing home-style meals, life outside Italia does not get much more Italian than at Biscotti. Here chef extraordinaire Andrea Buson orchestrates a symphony of exquisite authentic Italian cuisine with a focus on the heart-warming dishes from his childhood in Venice, from homemade pastas to handcrafted pizzas and from scrumptious seafood dishes to hearty meats.

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A La Carte Menu

Experience Italian home-style cooking at Biscotti, our contemporary trattoria-style venue. Share delightful antipasti and starters such as Roasted Scallops with porcini served in a potato sauce with an aromatic salad. Follow with our famed Ossobuco Ravioli with shaved black truffle in a black truffle sauce. Relish the speciality ‘Impepata di Vongole’ – sautéed live clams Roman-style with fresh baked Ciabatta bread offering enticing aromas. Embrace our modern kitchen-to-table dining concept where the open kitchen provides a focal point in our lively restaurant.

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Dessert Menu

Our tantalizing dessert menu offers something for every taste.